ECGO makes recycling as easy as taking a selfie. Just snap, recycle, and earn rewards!


Take a picture of the item. Our app will tell you which bin to dispose it.


Dispose of waste in the appropriate bin.


Collect points, and trade in for rewards!

The Impact of Conscious Recycling

96% of Americans state that they are confused about what to place into their recycling bins. Recycling in the United States varies based on location which adds to the complexity. By making recycling an easy, fun, and rewarding activity, ECGO will save cities and schools millions of dollars in contamination fees.

Our Rewards!

Our goal is to bridge the knowledge gap of recycling, and make it as easy for you as possible... and while we're at it... why don't we give back?
We believe in rewarding you for your efforts to take care of our planet. Good deeds feel good, but they can feel even better with a free meal! Treat yourself, and do some self care- on us!